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Retro Cold Press

Our whole fruit chute combined with the low induction motor offers you the benefit of optimum quality juice and a high yield without the need to prepare many of your fruit and veg.

No chopping, No peeling, No hassle, No waste. The Retro Cold Press Juicer will not only take all of your produce with ease, but because it is a masticating juicer it handles leafy greens like spinach and wheatgrass beautifully. It also extracts the juice at just 65rpm, creating very little heat friction. This not only produces the finest quality juice, but leaves you with much drier pulp and more juice than you’d ever get with a ‘fast’ juicer; giving you more bang for you buck!


Retro Super Blend

The Retro Super Blend is the perfect side-kick to any Retro Juicer, enabling you to make your own mouth-watering blends or thicken up your delicious juices with all kinds of tasty added extras:
• nuts and seeds
• avocados
• bananas
• dates

Not only that, if time is of the essence then this kitchen essential certainly won’t hold you back. True to its name the fast and furious Retro Super Blend will allow you to whip up your tasty tipple in super fast time!


Retro Super Fast

With its sleek design, powerful motor, stainless steel bowl and unique ambidextrous functionality, the Retro Super Fast Juicer takes juicing to a whole new level. This impressive machine effortlessly makes beautiful, fresh juice, whilst providing a touch of Retro chic to any kitchen.

The Retro Super Fast Juicer has a unique ambidextrous design meaning it can be perfectly positioned anywhere on your work surface and supports both left and right handed users. Its powerful centrifugal technology, wide funnel and separate pulp container, makes continuous juicing both quick and easy.

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